Public statement of Mr. Peyman Ghezelbash

1 year ago

In the name of the one and only God

I, Peyman Ghezelbash, Passport no. F53505784, Iranian nationality, born on 30/03/1986, director of SAAYEAH Specialized mother holding (SAAYEAH CO. L.T.D.) international reg no. 99113/2837, SAAYEAH CO LTD., UK reg no. 13430133, GAS EXTRA INC LTD. UK reg no. 13430737, DEBIT TRADING LTD. UK reg no. 13430125 and SOLOMON UNIVERSAL INS & LOAN CO LTD. (SUIL CO LTD) UK reg no. 13344638 all located in the United Kingdom, am officially and legally an investor and an international official banker and I have all the legal authorization, working according to international laws, regulations, and principals and I transfer offline financial resources (S2S) based on international banking regulations, and all of the transactions are according to the international banking rules and all of the expenses are based on the banking tariff and any and all expenses and deductions are paid, and deducted and based on the rules one or more green, humanitarian, publicly beneficial, peaceful and charitable projects is defined for every investment in countries one by one.

I officially announce that in regard to the rumors and events about me and the companies I own, we were not and are not related, dependent on, or affiliated with any country, organization, or bank, and also we are not related or dependent on any kingdoms, sovereigns, governments, families, religions, parties, cults, gangs and etc. and all of the money and capital are fully private, and all have been created and registered via the international offline banking system and all the documents and papers of money creation projects are available.

I officially declare that I am not affiliated with any system or power in the world (e.g., countries or governments of America, China, Russia, England, France, Germany, Iran, Holland, Saudi Arabia, Israel, etc.) and/or any countries around the world and I have not been and am not related to any of the religions of Islam, Christianity, Judaism, etc.; I, personally, alone with faith in the one and only God and rely on my knowledge and abilities without any help or interference from any of the above-mentioned entities or governmental or none governmental organization and I officially declare that the whole offline banking system and offline banking network, designed and available in the farm network are done by me and it was the result of my hard work, and none of the entities above not only they didn’t help me at all but also deliberately or unintentionally caused me and themselves issues and problems.

I officially declare that many companies, individuals, and organizations have forged documents in my name and the companies owned by me and impersonated me, that none of them were in any way affiliated with me or my companies and I had no involvement in these sinister events. I do not accept or take any kind of responsibility related to these issues in any authorities; me and my companies have provided the channels for direct communication (official website addresses, official email addresses, official accounts in public and social media), and no excuses shall be accepted by me and my colleagues that a person or persons in my name or my companies make financial requests or other demands from real and legal persons, royal, governmental, and large families or international organizations and bodies for their profit in bad faith, companies and people must inquire officially from me via mentioned contacting channel and in case we observe and see any type of scamming, hacking operations, stealing a financial resource, and tarnishing the name and credit of me or my company, we shall send me a report and documents of this crime to regulatory and legal authorities in all over the world to defend my personal, career, financial resources and my company's dignity.

Because of my Iranian nationality, I have been constantly accused of cooperating with the Iranian sovereign government and Intelligence organizations or even being affiliated with Iran, it is hereby that I officially declare and announce that not only me (Peyman Ghezelbash) and my companies but also my companies’ personnel in any way or case not affiliated with any of the Iranian organizations, government or Sovereign and we are only Iranian citizens with Iranian nationality. I am an Iranian citizen living as a modern human being and I have reached to this point of success because of years and years of hard work with leaning on my knowledge and science and taking positive steps in international business and all of my capital and money are the result of this hard work and agony that I have taken in so many years and they are all private and not even a single cent of these financial resources are affiliated with or related to or dependent on Iranian country or sovereign and I will never allow even a single cent of Iranian financial resources or any other countries resources to enter into my capital and money and hereby I announce and declare that I didn't have and don't have any partnership with any partners, godfathers, patriarch (e.g. Rothschilds, Rockefeller, Illuminati, Masons, Dragons and etc.), kings, queens, president, governments, and/or banks and economical systems; none of the giants of the financial and economical world are partnered in even one cent of my money and all the rumors, accusations and claims in this matter are a lie and the companies’ 100% share is mine and not even 1% percent granted to any families, monarchies, governments, sovereigns, organizations, official or unofficial institutions, etc. all over the world and won’t be granted and 100% of company shares are mine and my name (Peyman Ghezelbash).

As an Iranian and a philanthropist who dedicates my life and wealth to serving the people and serve humanity, not only the people of Iran or the Middle East, but all the people on earth, I declare that I, Peyman Ghezelbash, was not and am not affiliated with, related to, directing or involved in any civil and social politics and I do not have any kind of political identity, and I strongly avoid bellicose and hostile policies, and I have never taken and will never take a step in the path of belligerence and I have not and will not interfere in the political and security issues of any country, and I will put all my strength, capital and life in order to establish peace and tranquility for all the people of the world, because peace and relative social welfare is the inalienable right of all the people of the world and I will give my whole life to fight against evil thoughts, war, bloodshed and slavery, and with faith in the one and only creator, I will stand up to the best of my ability against the oppression of the people of this planet and try to speed up in achieving the basic facilities of a relatively comfortable and suitable life for every human being and I will dedicate myself to the people who have the highest position in the creation of the one and only God.

And finally, I request all the institutions, bodies, countries, governments, monarchies, and the general public to join hands in helping to build up earth that is owned by humans and humanity and to spread humanity and peace.

With overthrow, war, and killing, there will never be a happy ending for our home on earth, and only peace and tranquility will build a small house called earth for all of us in the systems and galaxies, and the only way for humanity to progress and get closer to God in any religions and sects is to create peace, tranquility and public security.

I swear to the one and only God; God of Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Tersa, Hindu, Buddha, etc.; It is only humanity and only humanity that transforms the battlefield and bloodshed into a green rosary of peace and tranquility and makes us a creature called human, the noblest of creations.

Lies, arrogance, seeking power, worshiping money, amassing wealth, self-righteousness, and betrayal of nature, humanity, land, and country are not humanity and have nothing to do with humans and humanity; By studying and reviewing the history, we can easily conclude that wealth accumulation, lies and war to gain power and power seeking to gain the monarchy have brought us nothing but bloodshed and mass murder.

Lying and betraying and uttering words in the name of a person or other persons is nothing more than the curse of God, darkness and blackness, and my last words to all my dear contacts are this; In this world, everything is available as much as you want... so why the war?! And why cruelty and betrayal?! And why greed?! Know that you can achieve your goals with peace and tranquility!

I started with the name of one and only God and I am finishing with the name of one and only God.

With respect and regards,

Peyman Ghezelbash (SAAYEAH)

13th February 2023

All for Good. Good for All.