Notice about Dr. Keivan Hassanzadeh

10 months ago

It is hereby that we GAS EXTRA INC LTD, would like to officially announce that Mr./Dr. Keivan Hassanzadeh as known as Kevin, passport no. T47315229, Iranian national ID no. 0055016618, nationality Iranian, doesn't have any affiliation with this company and any deal structured or organized in the name of this company by this person is NOT valid and we won't be held responsible whatsoever for any legal, physical, moral, and/or financial damages at any jurisdiction and/or court of law.

Also, we would like to notify and inform any and all parties dealing with him that the documents presented by this person bear our company name, account name, and/or reg no. is invalid and most cases fake.

We would like to request anyone with information about deals bearing or in our company name to contact this company and surrender the information to complete our case against him to forward it to the relevant authorities including but not limited to Interpol etc.

All for Good. Good for All.