Important Notice No. 1

3 years ago

1- For ensuing the authenticity of the documents of GAS EXTRA INC Company, please inquire them from

2- The right for prosecution and starting lawsuit in case of faking, abusing the documents or signature and stamp of the GAS EXTRA INC is reserved for the GAS EXTRA INC company and/or the parent company.

3- The procedure, Contract draft, PGL draft and/or other documents are all available for download on our website (

4- All the mandates for GAS EXTRA INC company has a valid ID Code issued by the company and in order to ensure the authenticity of the mandate and prevent any fraud, please send their ID Code and/or mandate letter to email, and get the correct information (Name, E-Mail, Phone No./WhatsApp No.)

5- If any real or legal person impersonate and fake GAS EXTRA INC company’s mandate code or fraudulently introduce themselves as the mandate or present a fake mandate letter or abuse the ID code of an authentic mandate, the right for prosecution and starting lawsuit is reserved for GAS EXTRA INC company and/or the parent company.

6- Due to receiving too many emails, we have prioritized the emails which emails from organization, department, institution or company will be prioritized and the personal emails will be in the second priority. 

7- Sending the results of inquiries via email will take between 24 to 72 hours.

8- You can write your feedback or suggestions about the company GAS EXTRA INC to SAAYEAH CO LTD. Send it via the website and email

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