Fund ownership and information

2 years ago

I, Peyman Ghezelbash, Director and owner of SAAYEAH CO LTD, do hereby officially state and acknowledge that I was not and am not a member of any group or party and I was not and am not working under any royal family, government, state, or commonwealth and I didn't have and don't have any dependencies to them. I am not a politician, and I don't have political activities. I am against war, conflict, and violence and I support humanity and green, humanitarian, publicly beneficial projects. I, my companies (DEBIT TRADING LTD., GAS EXTRA INC LTD, and SOLOMON UNIVERSAL INS & LOAN CO LTD, etc.), and my funds didn't have and doesn't have any connection or dependency to any governments, organizations (governmental or non-governmental), financial institutes or the 13 families (including Rothschilds, Elders, etc.) and these funds and companies are fully private (under my full ownership and control) and earned from non-criminal, clean and legitimate sources with all the necessary legal approvals. I, officially and strongly reject all the rumors and claims stating anything other than the above-mentioned, and the right for prosecuting the people (legal or real) who start such rumors and claims is reserved for me and SAAYEAH CO LTD. Strong and serious legal actions will be taken against the faulty people.

All for Good. Good for All.